ICAO & EASA A320 First Officers Urgently Needed
Improved Terms
Up to EUR 65K package per year

Avion Express is an A320 leasing and charter operator in Europe offering ACMI services also in South America and the Asia Pacific region.


We are looking for an enthusiastic Airbus 320 pilot to join our team. Indefinite contracts that will provide you with job stability and career progression. This is one opportunity that will give you the chance to build up hours, fly in different European regions and increase your experience as a First Officer in a very dynamic environment. 


In order to apply, you must comply with the following criteria.

  • Type Rated on A320 
  • A minimum of 100 as a Second in Comand (SIC) on Airbus 320
  • A total time of 1500 hours
  • EASA or ICAO licence holder 
  • Medical Class 1
  • A minimum of ICAO level 4 in English 


If you are qualified for this opportunity, our client will offer:

  • Indefinite contracts
  • Per-diems 
  • Basic monthly payment 
  • Block Hour Payment 
  • Loyalty bonus
  • 10 consecutive days off for EASA 
  • For ICAO pilots Roster: 42 on +POS+12 off + POS
  • Worldwide travel insurance
  • Loss of licence insurance (After the 2nd year of service)
  • High-quality Accommodation in hotels or apartments 
  • Positioning flights provided

All pilots will get 1 PAID month of vacation (during low season, more details will be coming soon)


This opportunity will give you the chance to fly close to home and be close to your family and friends. They offer a great variety of roster patterns to provide a great work-life balance. 

Application Process

In order to apply you can just click on apply and complete your application with us, if you already have an account with us, you will need only 2 clicks to finalize the application. Make sure you update all the information under your profile, if you are selected, you will have to go through a series of Psychometric and Cognitive tests; a SIM check in a European location (tickets provided). 

Good Luck and I hope to see you very soon flying with us.