CL-65 Type Rated and Non Type Rated Captains and High Experienced First Officers | Direct entry Captain job in the US
Regional operation
United States
up to 242,000 USD for 1st year

Our client is a Part 121 US-based airline that operates regional Jets. The company is one of the biggest commercial airlines in the USA. It strives to offer the best experience on regional flights and the highest security standards.

We are looking for Non type-rated Captains and High Experienced First Officers with experience in Part 121 and 135. This is an interesting and safe workplace, with multiple opportunities for personal and career growth.

  • Looking for type Rated CL-65 And Non Type Rated pilots - Part 121 / 135 Captains and High Experienced First Officers.
  • Direct entry Captain
  • Commitment to a 2 year contract.
  • Pilots will be covering regional flights.
  • Monthly block hours guaranteed: 75 hrs
  • Quick upgrade time for high experienced FOs.

  • Direct Entry Captains: minimum 950 hrs in FAR-121/135
  • High Experienced First Officers: Minimum 500 – 949 hrs in FAR- 121
  • Total flight time: 2,500 hrs
  • PIC time: 500 hrs or SIC time: 1.000 hrs (Part 121 or 135)
  • ME-Turbine time: 500 hrs
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator permit.

  • Direct Entry Captains earn up to 242.000 USD the 1st year including sign-on Bonus.
  • High Experienced First Officers earn up to 217.000 USD the 1st year including sign-on Bonus.
  • Sign on Bonus: of up to 100.000 USD for eligible pilots - Limited time sign-on bonus:
    Direct Entry Captain: 100.000 USD
    High Experienced First Officer: 75.000 USD
  • CL-65 type rating Bonus (Experienced Pilots DEC/HTFO Only): 50,000 USD
  • Working base: United States, East Coast.
  • Perdiems
  • Accommodation allowance.
  • Benefits: Health Insurance including medical, vision, dental, and 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan with Company Matching.
  • Domestic and International Flights for family members within the Airlines network. 
  • Ground School: Paid training with rolling 24/7 per diem and single-occupancy hotel rooms.

  • This is a valuable opportunity for High Experienced FOs looking for an immediate upgrade to Captain.
  • This is a company that will provide you with financial stability and opportunities to keep growing as a Pilot.

Application Process
  • FAA license
  • Updated resume with summary of experience on part 121.
  • Part 121 or 135 experience.
  • Green card, US passport or eligible to work in the USA without any restriction.