A320 Captains FAR-121 required in USA - Permanently hired
Non type Rated pilot accepted Boeing, Embraer, Jet.
Miami, US
$12,110 P.M

Our client is a US 121 flag and supplemental airline flying the Airbus A320 family of aircrafts. It operates on ACMI, wet lease, and ad-hoc charter airline serving the US, Caribbean and Latin American markets.


We are recruiting type rated and non-type rated A320 Captains. The airline offers the Type rating training that allows pilots with different type Rating Jet, narrow bodies the possibility to apply. The contract is permanent which gives you stability for you and your family.

  • MUST meet the requirements for FAR 121.436
  • Valid FAA ATP license and FAA medical class 1.
  • A320 Type-rating preferred.
  • Direct Entry Captain: Total time: 4000 hrs -1000 jet PIC hrs FAR 121.436 (Only in US).
  • High Experienced First Officer: Total time: 2000 hrs -1000 jet hrs in FAR 121.436 (Only in US) + PIC Experience.
  • FAR 135 1500 turbine PIC hrs. - These hours must be in airplanes plus 12.500 lbs.
  • Green card, US passport or Employment Authorization holders only.
  • Allowed to travel from and to the United States.

  • Captains monthly wage: $12,110 plus $173 per hour overtime.
  • Senior First Officers monthly wage: $9,030 plus $129 per hour overtime
  • Block hours: 70 P.M. 
  • Gateway basing if required. Company pays for travel to MIA base and hotels.
  • 401K contribution is available.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP).
  • Health Insurance including vision and dental.
  • Per Diems negotiable.
  • Annual leave plus 12 days off P.M, pilots can take 4-6 consecutive days off.  
  • Miami (MIA) base.
  • Possibility of upgrading to captain for Senior First Officers. 
  • Other benefits: possibility to choose between Part 121 and 135 - Excellent catering - Travel to different and exciting destinations. 


This is an exciting opportunity to work in a fast-growing airline, in a dynamic and professional environment. Miami is a beautiful place for those who want to explore the culture and live their life to the fullest. Also, you will have the opportunity to travel to attractive and interesting destinations outside the US. 

Application Process

Please register and upload the following documents:

  • Resume, including the minimum time requirements for Captains and First Officers under FAA 121 carriers (only inside the US).
  • Valid FAA ATP license.
  • Valid FAA medical class 1.
  • Valid USA passport, Employment Authorization or Green Card.
  • Last 3 pages of Logbook.
  • FCC Radio License.
  • Professional Reference letter from previous airlines.
  • Last 3 proficiency checks on A320 under FAA (if available).